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  Spirits of Gallipoli - Arthur HILLIER HILLIER, Arthur

Spirits of Gallipoli - Arthur HILLIER

Spirits of Gallipoli - Arthur HILLIER
Unit 3rd Battalion, 6th Reinforcements Rank Private
Date of Enlistment 28 April 1915 Service no. 2255
Date of Death 7 August 1915 Place of Death Lone Pine
Age 30    
Cemetery Lone Pine Cemetery Details N. 9
Epitaph None
Next of Kin (Son) - HILLIER, George Address 166 Queen St, Woollahra, NSW
Parents Adolphus Frederick and Mary Louisa Hillier Address Alton St, Woollahra NSW
Date of Birth 1884 Place of birth NSW Woollahra

3rd Battalion Unit Diary - 7 August 1915 - Lone Pine

We held our position against continuous bombing at which the enemy appear to be very expert.  Our casualties were heavy and we confidently expect from results of observation that theirs were the same.  About 70 prisoners and two machine guns were captured the previous night one of which is in action against the enemy.  Both our own M/guns were put out of action during the day by enemy M/gun on Johnstonís Jolly.  A strong counter attack was launched by the enemy on our front during the night.  Bombing which has been much neglected in our training is the thing required most.  Our men however demonstrated their ability to use bombs successfully and our trained men were as good as those of the enemy.

The day was spent in holding our front against bombs and consolidating the line.  A further 30 yards of trench was taken with this object about 1800 and prepared for defence.   We had no trouble here during night 7/8th inst.  Col E. S. Brown was killed and Major D. M. McConaghy assumed command.

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Other Sources

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