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  Spirits of Gallipoli - William NORTHEY

NORTHEY, William Reginald Eustace

Spirits of Gallipoli - William NORTHEY


Spirits of Gallipoli - William NORTHEY
Unit 10th Light Horse Regiment, A Squadron Rank Trooper
Date of Enlistment 6 October 1914 Service no. 80
Date of Death 7 August 1915 Place of Death The Nek - Walker's Ridge
Age 25    
Cemetery Ari Burnu Details E. 40
Epitaph Our loved son and Bro. One of the best. God gives his beloved sleep
Next of Kin (Father) NORTHEY Henry Address Mt Barker WA
Parents Henry and Clara Ann Northey (nee Harvey) Address Mt Barker WA
Date of Birth February 1890 Place of birth SA Adelaide


"Battles often begin in the dimness before dawn, or in the evening at sunset. First light on 7 August was to be the test for the Australians in the 8th, 9th and 10th Australian Light Horse on Gallipoli. On that morning they were to make a dismounted charge across the narrow no-man's-land which had separated them and the Turks for the past twelve weeks. Most of the light horsemen did not show alarm at the task they had been set. Among many there was a nervous anticipation, for his was to be a demonstration of their worth. They were aware that the infantrymen, who had got a tenuous grip on the peninsula when they made their amphibious landing in late April, were watching to see how well these more recently arrived troops, supposedly Australia's elite, would acquit themselves.

Two hundred and thirty-four men were killed, and about 140 wounded, in this short, sharp action. In the trenches, from which they had begun only minutes earlier, there was shock and chaos.


Dead and wounded were thick in no-man's-land. For many death had been instantaneous. Others lay wounded and isolated, with neither the strength nor opportunity to get back."


William NORTHEY was one of the members of the 10th Australian Light horse who lost their lives during the charge at The Nek.


The Nek. The Tragic Charge of the Light horse at Gallipoli. Peter Burness, 1996

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