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  Spirits of Gallipoli - Herbert STANLEY STANLEY, Herbert Edward

Spirits of Gallipoli - Herbert STANLEY


Spirits of Gallipoli - Herbert STANLEY
Unit 8th Light Horse Regiment, 4th Reinforcements Rank Trooper
Date of Enlistment 9 November 1914 Service no. 857
Date of Death 7 August 1915 Place of Death The Nek - Walker's Ridge
Age 20    
Cemetery The Nek Details Special Memorial 5
Epitaph Another hero's part is done, another soul gone west
Next of Kin (Mother) HEARN Janet Address 49 Eastwood St, Ballarat VIC
Parents the late David William Stanley and Janet Hearn (formerly Stanley) Address 49 Eastwood St, Ballarat VIC
Date of Birth 1895 Place of birth VIC Oakleigh


On 7 August 1915, the 3rd Light Horse Brigade were to make a dismounted charge across the narrow no-manís-land at The Nek.  This was part of the large scale plan.  Only 150 men could charge the narrow neck of land at a time.

The artillery and the navy concentrated their fire to the front of the light horse.  They were to charge when the shelling stopped.  For some reason however, the shelling stopped 7 minutes before the allocated go time.  The light horse waited in their trenches.  Then finally the order to go was passed along the line of men.

The light horse rushed forward to be met by a gale of flying metal from the Turkish machine guns and rifles directly in front of them.  Within minutes there were only a scattered handful of men left.

Then a second row of light horsemen formed up and charged.  In a moment they too were dying.

A regiment had been lost in just 5 minutes.  No one expected that the attack would continue, however, at 4:45am and 5:15am, members of the 10th Light Horse from Western Australia lined up and charged, facing the same deadly fire.

234 med were killed, 140 were wounded, no advance was made.

Spirits of Gallipoli

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