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Spirits of Gallipoli - The Nek Cemetery


Spirits of Gallipoli - The Nek Cemetery

Source 11 - CWGC


Source 183 - Photographic Expedition, 2009

Spirits of Gallipoli - The Nek Cemetery   Spirits of Gallipoli - The Nek Cemetery
Source 183 - Photographic Expedition, 2009   Source 183 - Photographic Expedition, 2009
The Nek Cemetery is a short distance north of Quinn's Post. The Nek is the track leading along the narrow spur from Russell's Top to Baby 700, and the cemetery stands on a ridge with Pope's Hill on the south-west and Malone's Gully on the north-west.

The Nek was a narrow track leading from Russell's top to Baby 700 which was reached and passed by the 12th Australian Battalion early on 25 April, but not held. It was attacked by the New Zealand and Australian Division on 2 May, and by the 3rd Australian Light Horse Brigade on the morning of 7 August, but was never retaken. The cemetery was made after the Armistice in what had been No Man's Land. There are now 326 Commonwealth servicemen of the First World War buried or commemorated in this cemetery. 316 of the burials are unidentified but there are special memorials to five Australian soldiers believed to be buried among them.

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No. of Identified AIF Casualties: 6

4th Btn

7th field

Ari Burnu

Baby 700


Courtney's & Steele's Post

Embarkation Pier


Hill 10

Hill 60

Johnston's Jolly

Lancashire Landing

Lone Pine

No 2 Outpost

NZ No 2 Outpost

Pink Farm

Plugge's Plateau

Quinn's Post


Shell Green

Shrapnel Valley

Skew Bridge

The Nek

12 Tree Copse

Walker's Ridge


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